Full breakdown: Garcia to Star, Enciso to Phoenix, Dehesa to GBP, and more in 6-team PBA trade

Full breakdown: Garcia to Star, Enciso to Phoenix, Dehesa to GBP, and more in 6-team PBA trade

The PBA approved on Wednesday a six-team trade which saw 14 players and a future pick switch places.

The Star Hotshots landed RR Garcia and Rodney Brondial in the deal. The Globalport Batang Pier acquired the services of Karl Dehesa. Mac Baracael will now be part of the NLEX Road Warriors. The Blackwater Elite received Roi Sumang, while the Mahindra Enforcers got Keith Agovida and Paolo Taha.

For the full breakdown of who’s going where, check the list below.

Globalport Batang Pier

PBA Commissioner Cup 2016 - STAR GP - Paolo Taha

Lost: Roi Sumang, Paolo Taha, Keith Jensen, Jonathan Uyloan

Received: Karl Dehesa, Ronald Pascual, Yousef Taha

The Batang Pier got two quality wing guys while basically giving up only Taha and Jensen. Dehesa is a solid two-way player while Pascual can give more flexibility to that wing rotation which already has Anthony Semerad. The Batang also let go of Uyloan and Sumang, which would likely mean an increased role for Jeric Fortuna. The team also added ceiling with Yousef Taha, who can provide interior presence to complement Jay Washington, Billy Mamaril, Doug Kramer, and Rico Maierhofer. Overall, this is actually a deal the Batang Pier may have won.

Phoenix Fuel Masters


PBA Images - PHO BE - Mac BaracaelLost: Mac Baracael, Emman Monfort, 2018 second rounder, RR Garcia, Rodney Brondial

Received: Simon Enciso, Mark Borboran, Mark Cruz, Norbert Torres, Jonathan Uyloan

The Fuel Masters lost their best playmaker in this trade, and ended up with just back-up point guards and Enciso. Enciso is obviously the best backcourt player from this haul, and it would be an opportunity for him to learn from Chico Lanete and have an increased role. Phoenix also lost a 2018 second rounder, and a back-up forward in Brondial. They did add ceiling in Torres, but it would be interesting to see how it pans out considering they already have another young big man in Michael Miranda.

Star Hotshots

PBA Images - STAR BE - Mark Cruz

Lost: Ronald Pascual, Yousef Taha, Mark Cruz, Norbert Torres

Received: RR Garcia, Rodney Brondial, Keith Jensen

The Star Hotshots obviously won in this deal. Despite sacrificing ceiling, the Hotshots received an experienced backcourt guy in Garcia. A team-up with fellow FEU alum Mark Barroca has massive potential. The Hotshots also gave away the seldom-used Pascual for Jensen, who is used to a back-up role. Their wing rotation remains stacked with Alex Mallari and Allein Maliksi as the protagonists. Having Jensen there will give the Hotshots assurance they’d have a serviceable wing guy if ever something bad happens. Brondial joins Jake Pascual in that traditional power forward rotation which features Marc Pingris.

Mahindra Enforcers


PBA Images - Karl DehesaLost: Karl Dehesa

Received: Keith Agovida, Paolo Taha

The Enforcers arguably lost in this deal. Yes, Taha has showed tremendous improvement especially in the Commissioner’s Cup, but Dehesa is a stud. He has been a consistent starter for the Enforcers. Mahindra gave away Sumang quickly to Blackwater which is the right thing to do considering they have LA Revilla and Mike DiGregorio; however, they ended up acquiring Keith Agovida, who might have a hard time finding a spot in a rotation which includes KG Canaleta, Mark Yee, Joshua Webb, Leo De Vera, and more.

NLEX Road Warriors


PBA Images - Simon EncisoLost: Simon Enciso, Mark Borboran

Received: Mac Baracael, Emman Monfort, 2018 second rounder

The Road Warriors lost Enciso, who has been a good back-up to their backcourt players. But they get to keep a future pick which they may use to get another quality guard anyway. Monfort’s arrival would give the likes of Garvo Lanete and Kevin Alas even more help as far as mentorship is concerned, and let’s not count out the damage Monfort can do. Baracael for Borboran is a win for NLEX as well. If Baracael can hit from the outside consistently and be aggressive in driving to the hoop — something Borboran has not been effective at — he’ll help space the floor for Boyet Fernandez’s system.

Blackwater Elite


Lost: Keith Agovida

Received: Roi Sumang

Sumang, Carlo Lastimosa, and Reil Cervantes in one team. Well, this should be fun.

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