Finally getting to play, Pocari Sweat imports take the lead

Finally getting to play, Pocari Sweat imports take the lead

For nearly two weeks, Edina Selimovic and Michelle Strizak were the Pocari Sweat Lady Warriors’ tallest cheerleaders.

They weren’t supposed to be just sitting on the sidelines but unfortunate circumstances regarding the acquisition of their International Transfer Certificates delayed their debut. All they could do was wait and watch as their teammates won and lost without them.

But when they were finally cleared to play against Bali Pure Purest Water Defenders last Thursday, the duo showed the exasperation was worth it. Selimovic went for 24 points with seven blocks, while Strizak added 16 markers and 10 digs, leading the Lay Warriors in a five-set thriller.

Both described the two-week delay as frustrating, but that feeling quickly went away as the Water Defenders pushed them to their limit.

“It feels great to finally (play).

“Me and Michelle we couldn’t feel how it’s actually going to be on the court with the team and losing and winning the points together,” said Strizak, a six-foot-one middle blocker from Bosnia.

“It was great being back out there.

“I just love being out there on the court and I know every player does. You just crave that feeling and it was awesome to be back there,” added Strizak, an open hitter from Cincinnati.

Having joined a Pocari Sweat squad gunning for their third title, the pair definitely feel pressure. But they believe that this team has what it takes to hoist another trophy.2017-PVL-Reinforced-Conference---Pocari-Sweat-def-Bali-Pure---Strizak

“There is pressure that we need to do great in order to stay as champions. But there’s always pressure no matter what situation and we definitely want to keep Pocari’s winning tradition going,” said former University of Arkansas star Selimovic.

“We just have to figure things out, adjust, and persevere and that was great that we won today and hopefully we can keep it going,” added Illinois alumna Strizak.

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