BPC leaders Ross, Cabagnot in unison: ‘We wish to get co-BPC’

BPC leaders Ross, Cabagnot in unison: ‘We wish to get co-BPC’

In an unprecedented race for the Best Player of the Conference in the 2017 Commissioner’s Cup, two teammates are neck-and-neck on top of the ladder as Alex Cabagnot and Chris Ross are tied at the top with 34.125 statistical points.

Over the course of the conference, the two backcourt players helped the San Miguel Beermen reach their third straight Finals. Cabagnot, a 12-year veteran, posted norms of 15.13 points, 6.56 rebounds, 5.06 assists, and 1.19 steals; Ross, an eight-year pro, averaged 13.19 points, 5.29 rebounds, 8.06 assists, and 2.94 steals.

But for the two Filipino-Americans, they are not letting this individual honor get in the way of their goal of taking their second straight championship.

“Individual honors will come. Anybody from SMB I think will win it. But for us, championship first,” Cabagnot said.

“It’s cool, but the main goal is to win a championship. Like everyone says, when you win, all the individual stuff comes and it’s just a testament to our team, how good of a conference we have,” Ross added.

According to Ross, having five San Miguel players in the top 15 is a testament to the culture that the team has developed all throughout the years.

“Me and Alex, June Mar [Fajardo] being there, and then Marcio [Lassiter] and Arwind [Santos] not being too far behind, it’s just a testament to our team and the hard work we put in, the trust we have with one another,” the 32-year-old shared.

Still, if it’s possible, the two are hoping that they can split the crown and win the championship at the same time.

“We want to get co-BPC. If it’s possible, we should get co. I don’t know if there’s ever been two teammates that have been tied in the statistical points at one. But it would be cool if we get co-MVP,” Ross, the reigning Defensive Players of the Year, opined.

“It doesn’t matter. Chris and I are happy for each other. We wish to get co-BPC, but then again I don’t know if it’s possible. I hope it’s possible,” added Cabagnot, the 2015 All-Star MVP.

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